Early November 2006 Update due to flooding


Puget Sound fish and shell fish compromised


We found it wise to alert you to the dangers of consuming any Puget Sound caught fish or shell fish because of the potential tremendous amount of chemical poisoning to the Puget Sound due to flooding.  Over the past month, news articles have been advising to limit the consumption of salmon from the Puget Sound.  In one article I remember, they said limit the consumption to one salmon meal per week for ocean caught salmon and once every 3 weeks for Puget Sound caught salmon.  The main culprits are PCBs that can be damaging to children’s development and damaging to health in general.  An example of the Washington State’s department of health recommendation can be found here.


Now, the plot thickens.


In this recent flooding, whole towns went under.  That means:  chemicals from peoples’ garages, homes and possibly septic systems were washed away.  Industrial sites that may have contained cutting fluids, oils, degreasers, solvents, paints, heavy metals, etc., etc., etc. were washed away.  Whole farms and their barns containing fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, etc., etc., etc., were submerged.  Lawns treated with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc., etc., etc., were deluged.  Fire retardants, plasticizers, release agents, from automobiles, carpets, clothes and furniture as well as water soluable glues were added to the mix.  It is possible that towns’ municipal septic processing plants went under.  The list goes on, but the point is it all ends up in the Sound, and fish and wildlife have no escape from it.  The mix will end up in their flesh.


Although it is unfortunate that the Cowlitz jumped its banks, it is fortunate this river goes straight to the ocean, because a large program of dispersing biosolids into the Packwood Forest probably resulted in many of the human ingested chemicals contained in biosolids ending up in that river.


The large volumes and turbulence of the rivers spilling into the sound dislodge things like PCBs and dioxin that are trapped in river and Sound sediment.  The result most probably is that the Sound has turned into a toxic soup that does not escape quickly to the ocean.


Finally, for those that live in country areas where this massive flooding occurred, consider that this contaminated floodwater entered privately owned well heads and eventually water aquifers.  Some may consider switching to bottled water for some time as counties do not test for this broad array of chemicals during sampling, so you will not get warning that your well may be compormized.


The Future of Food


The movie The Future of Food will open tomorrow (Nov. 10th) at Yelm Cinemas.  This documentary is an excellent synopsis of what is going on with large agriculture and we highly recommend everyone see it.  Visit their website at  www.thefutureoffood.com





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