Newsletter – June 2006


Yelm Earth Saturday Market


The Yelm Earth Saturday Market begins this weekend, July1, and continues every Saturday through October with vendors displaying and selling their arts, crafts and other wares and produce.  This weekend, and upcoming weekends, the Yelm Co-op will also be selling “harvest your own” farm grown certified organic produce including:  2 varieties of kale, several varieties of lettuce and chard, broccoli, beets, and bok choy.  They will also have prepicked mixed greens.  More varieties of farm grown certified organic vegetables are on their way!


The open air market is open from 10 AM to 3 PM while Yelm Earth Worm and Castings Farm will be open from 9:30 AM to 4 PM.


If you are interested in vending, please contact Carolyn Sheldon at 894-1383.


Worm Tea Recipe


In our last newsletter we talked about the whats, whys, and hows of worm tea.  Here is a recipe for you to brew your own:


8-10 cups Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings

¼ cup sulfur free molasses

1 Tbsp soluble seaweed

2 Tbsp soluble fish powder

4+ gallons Chlorine free water


(Note:  If you have chlorinated water, fill your pail and let it sit overnight uncovered, and the chlorine will evaporate.  Alternatively, accelerate the process by putting the water in your brewer and turning the bubbler on.  You will know the chlorine is gone when you cannot smell the chlorine anymore – probably in as short a time as 20-30 minutes.  You can verify the absence of chlorine by purchasing a simple chlorine test kit from a local pool supplier.)


Tea Brewer components:


Min. 5 gallon plastic pail

Air pump with air stone or some other air dispersal device.

Sieve (a paint filter will do)


First, ensure that all components are clean and there are no buildups or areas of your brewer that will prevent the circulation of air and water.


In a 5 gallon pail, fill with 4 gallons or so of warm water with the molasses, seaweed, and fish powder.  Place the airstone or other bubbler at the bottom of the pail and turn it on.  For best results, open brew by placing the Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings directly into the water.  (You can strain the castings later if you are going to use a sprayer for worm tea application.)  Alternatively, place the BFS Earthworm Castings into the filter and place into the pail over the bubbler.


Brew until a noticeable frothy slime (“bio-slime”) develops on the surface of the water and the smell of the ingredients is no longer present.  The absence of noticeable fish and molasses odor indicates that the microorganisms have consumed the ingredients!  Once the food is gone, populations will begin to decrease.  On these warm summer days, you can begin a brew in the evening, and the will be ready for application the next morning.  We find brewing is complete in as little as 12 hours if the brew is kept warm.  However, brew times are heavily dependent on the water temperature.  With every 10 degree F drop in temperature, brew times increase by 12 hours.


Be sure to keep the tea aerobic by leaving the bubbler on until you use the tea. 


While brewing, the population of beneficial microorganisms are doubling in as little as 20 minutes.  By the end of the brew, your solution can contain over one billion little critters per teaspoon of tea!


Apply the tea when the populations of microorganisms are at their largest numbers.  Spray the tea onto foliage, stems, roots and surrounding soil, or simply pour it onto you plants and vegetation.  Remember, Worm Tea Everything!  Spray early morning or in the evening or in the shade, not in the sunshine.


When you are finished, use the castings for your soil amendment needs.  Do not discard them!  These castings should have higher population densities than what you started with, because remember, you brewed an exceedingly large population, and they will adhere to the castings!


Worm Tea Brewers


Yelm Earth will be manufacturing our own 5 gallon brewers for sale.  Until final product packaging is complete, you can purchase components or a complete kit to construct your own.  Components are in stock!


Some more things to consider


According to Teruo Higa, creator of EM and author of An Earth Saving Revolution, the use of synthesized chemicals in our soils have soiled our bodies with heavy metals.  Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc. in soil act as oxidants and allow heavy metals to become easily ionized.  Whereas heavy metals are normally not taken up into plants, ionized metals combine with other substances and are readily water soluble for uptake into plants, and then we ingest the plants and heavy metals!  Antioxidants in organic soil make the metals revert to their former metallic state and are therefore heavier than water and tend to percolate with water into lower soil strata.  “As a result, there is less chance of their being absorbed by plants, and consequently, less chance of them generating toxicity or becoming harmful.”


Dr. Cranton’s Bypassing Bypass Surgery explains how the presence of heavy metals as oxidants in a body and are a root cause of atherosclerosis.  What other problems could these heavy metals be causing?  Is the many years of ingestion of crops grown in the presence of synthetic chemicals a reason why Americans in general have high levels of heavy metals in their bodies?  Is this a root cause of many other diseases especially prevalent in American society?


And, Toxic Tally Alarms Family, June 2, 2006, Toronto Star … “Ada Dowler-Cohen, age 10, wasn't shocked when she saw the list of poisonous substances in her body: 18 carcinogens, 14 chemicals that disrupt hormones, 19 that affect reproduction and development and 9 toxic to the brain and nervous system.

Rather, the girl was angry.”  Continued ...


Finally, right in our backyard from the Organic Consumers Association newsletter, Organic Bytes:


Washington Toxics Coalition and coalition members released a groundbreaking study of toxic contamination in Washington citizens. The results were shocking, as all participants were found to be contaminated with dozens of toxic chemicals, from toxic flame retardants (PBDEs) to mercury and DDT. The chemicals tested for are linked to serious health problems such as infertility, cancer, and learning disabilities. Please contact the Governor Gregoire today and ask her to adopt a common-sense chemical policy that ensures only the safest chemicals are used in consumer products, manufacturing and food production. Learn more and take action here:


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