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The Ultimate Detox Solution – Liquid Zeolite from Waiora – Natural Cellular Defense*

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According to Flemming, a long time gardener and frequent customer here, if you do not have a chair in your garden, you are not spending enough time there!  You need to observe your plant creations into life and development!

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Vegetable  Starts


Summer like weather, finally!  With the passing of May 15th, the traditional date that signals the start of a safe outdoor planting season free of night time frosts, here is what we have available for immediate planting. We suggest planting both starts and seeds so you get varying maturities throughout the season.  (All are certified organic):


Here are some with pictures:

·        Tomatos:


Siletz 5” - A very large and early maturing Tomato. It produces flavorful deep red, round fruit ideal for slicing. Fruit size is 10 to 12 ounces or even more on determinate plants. It has some disease resistance and will produce well early, even during cooler weather. Another outstanding Oregon State University introduction by Dr. Jim Baggett. Approximately 65 days from transplant to first ripening.  $3.50/plant


Matina 3 pack - Plant produces good yields of 2 to 4 oz red tomatoes. The taste is so good it would normally only be found in hugh beefsteak varieties. A very early producing variety that bears continuously throughout the season. Excellent for salads and sandwiches. This is a potato leaf strain. An heirloom variety from Germany.  58 days.



Oregon Star 5” - Released in 1992, it is like a very large paste tomato used for general purposes; most fruit are seedless and nearly solid. Shape varies from globular in the early fruit to plum shape in the main crop. The fruit weigh up to a pound, have good flavor and keep well if protected from rot. First ripening is about mid-August.  $3.50/plant



Gold Nugget 3 pack - 60 days. Always among the first to ripen, Gold Nugget attains an unusually rich, sweet flavor when ripe. Vigorous and determinate, plants are loaded with 1 inch, round golden fruit from early in the season 'til frost. Bred by Dr. Jim Baggett at Oregon State University.




High Carotene TM928 3 pack- 76 days. High Carotene has 2-3 times more beta-carotene than other varieties, making it a good source of vitamin A, an antioxidant important for healthy vision. The 2-3 inch, red globes with a hint of orange color are very meaty and flavorful. An excellent canning tomato with its higher acid content. These large indeterminate plants should be staked.



·        Squash


Partenon – Summer - Parthenocarpic variety that yields mature fruit without seeds, greatly elongating the harvest window. Where most varieties abort their first fruits for lack of active pollinators, Partenon allows for the very earliest harvest of dark-green, glossy fruits, and then, once set, the fruits remain edible much longer, never getting hugely overgrown. Also great for production under rainy or enclosed conditions that inhibit pollination. Consider greenhouse zucchini!





Black Beauty – Summer - Glossy black-green zucchini with creamy, white flesh. Plants have an open habit which makes for easy picking. Best picked when 5-7" long. Ready to harvest in 50-60 days.







Delicata Zepplin  - Winter - Uniform, carefully selected strain of Delicata with exceptionally sweet flavor and fine texture. Compared with the other Delicata's, it is smaller, darker of color, yet more cylindrical with deeper orange, sweeter flesh.







Waltham Butternut – Winter - Exceptional yields, better flavor than other butternuts. Fruits grow 9-10 in. long, weigh 3-4 lbs. Waltham Butternuts bake up great. Dry, solid orange flesh.







Buttercup Squash – Winter - Keeps well, great baked. Variety known for it's fine texture and sweet orange flesh. Tough enough to resist punctures and scratches. Baked with brown sugar and butter is excellent!





In addition, there other starts including:


·        Acorn, Spaghetti, and Sweet Dumpling squash

·        Blue Lake Bush and Royal Burgandy beans

·        Parade and Mideast Pacific cucumbers

·        Utah celery


And More!  Come check them out!


Except where noted, all starts are $1.80/pack.  3 pack tomatoes contain usually 6-7 plants.

Vegetable Seeds


We have in stock two lines of vegetable and herb seeds this year:  Irish Eyes and Olds.  Irish Eyes is a regional family owned seed company based in Ellensburg, WA whose slogan is “Short Season Seeds for an Early Harvest.”  Olds is based in Madison, WI and was started by Levitt Lincoln Olds in 1888 now owned by Land ‘O Lakes.  Their slogan is “Seeds You Can Count On.”  Prices range from $2.49 to $3.99.


All are certified organic.

The Ultimate Detox Solution – Liquid Zeolite from Waiora – Natural Cellular Defense*


Given all of the information in the previous newsletters and this one on toxins in our environment and bodies and their devastating effects on human health, we continue to stock Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defence Liquid Zeolite and Karen Yule’s products to rid yourself of them.


Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. calls NCD "an alchemical gift from God."  He says, "Natural Cellular Defense is different from supplements that generally add to your well-being, but are not necessary.  Natural Cellular Defense is simple, elegant, extraordinary, and necessary for maintaining healthy living in today's modern toxic world."  He also says it's the best product he's used in 35 years as a holistic doctor.  The liquid zeolite product is safe, non-toxic, and easy to use.


Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defence Liquid Zeolite 15ml bottle can be purchased online here or here for $49.95 plus shipping, handling and tax, or we are carrying it at the farm for $45.-   One bottle lasts one month at a 3 drop 3 times a day maintenance level.  At the recommended 10 drop 3 times a day detox level, it lasts about 1/3 of a month.


The most complete website about Natural Cellular Defense (Liquid Zeolite) is:


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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