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Available Vegetables, Certified Organic

Garlic! – Superior results with no-till farming

Rye Straw – Certified Organic

Take Care of Your Worms!

Evolving US Food Crisis

An Inconvenient Truth I

An Inconvenient Truth II

The Ultimate Detox Solution – Liquid Zeolite from Waiora – Natural Cellular Defense

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We are resuming normal open hours of 9am-5pm M-F, 10am-5pm Saturday, closed Sunday.

Available Vegetables, Certified Organic


We have a variety of vegetables available for fresh picking.  Currently, a few types of kale and chard, broccoli, and garlic.  As the season progresses, we will have a couple of types of beans, carrots, squash, tomatoes, beets, and lettuces.  Stop on in when you are in the area and in the market for fresh produce.

Garlic! – Superior results with no-till farming


We just pulled our garlic, and what a great surprise!  This year’s bulbs are the largest the farm has ever produced with many at 0.5-0.75 lbs!  Take a look at the monster below.  It measures 4.25” across the bulb, and remember this is a spicy hot Italian – not elephant garlic.


Lorz Red Italian Garlic 2007


How did we do it?  The largest garlic was achieved in the greenhouse (without cover all winter), with the other most consistently large garlic in the raised beds.  Planting was completed by 11-25-07 into prepared soil of our Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings, garlic planting mix, and canola meal.  An additional fertilization with Nutri-Rich 4-3-3 and aerobically brewed worm tea was done March 28th.  Full water was provided until July 7th and all was pulled July 16-17th.


This was a test of non-tilling vs. tilling.  No tilling is ever done in the greenhouse and raised beds whereas general tilling (discing was done last year) was done for our field as well as local tilling for the BFS, garlic mix, and canola into the rows.


Although we won’t have complete comparisons until the garlic has cured and has been cleaned, preliminary results of the no-till method are a 30-40% increase in yield.  This is also a 150-200% increase over conventional chemical growing!

Rye Straw – Certified Organic


We have 93 bales of straw available that was grown on our fields.

Take Care of Your Worms!

(From Don Chapman, President - BioOrganics, Inc.)
A not-fully-appreciated factor in growing plants is the presence of earthworms.  Along with microscopic soil organisms, worms perform very important digestive and processing of organic matter - transforming dead plant material into forms that nourish plants.
In nature, everything is recycled.  Dead leaves, spent annual grasses, pine needles, fallen trees, bird droppings, etc.  This constitutes the major part of most plant's diet, and earthworms are one of the foremost components of the recycling system.  As soon as a dead leaf hits the ground, decomposing fungi, bacteria, and earthworms "pounce" on it and their eventual excretions become ideal fodder for the surrounding plants.  This is why mulches disappear fairly quickly in bio-active soils.  The worms also add the benefit of leaving rich castings down directly in the root zone for more bacterial action and for mycorrhizal fungi to then transport into their host plant roots.
In effect, this is a closed-loop system for nutrients, requiring only the additions of solar energy (through photosynthesis) and water for perfect plant nutrition.  At least, perfect for native plants that are adapted to a specific environment.  We humans have altered the system in at least two significant ways - placing plants outside their original habitat and removing organic matter from the soil surface (raking leaves, removing grass clippings, straw and other plant residues).
I once read that some forested park areas of Bavaria were declining, and it was found to be due to the long-term removal of all the pine needles.  Keeping the forest floor swept clean was, in effect, starving the earthworms and subsequently the trees themselves.
In many cases, this is true for many of our cultivated plants.  If plant residues do not provide food for worms and other soil critters, it creates fertilizer-dependent plants.  One need look no further than lawns that have the clippings removed every mowing, or perfectly "clean" orchards and vineyards to find human-fed plants that could otherwise be largely self-sufficient, and probably far more disease-resistant.  There is a no-till and seed-through-residues trend developing for some crops that does recognize the value of using natural recycling, but this is still the exception.
A simple worm-count of a shovelful of soil will indicate the general health of your farm or garden plot - no lab tests are needed.  If your worms are abundant, well-fed and happy, then your soil organisms will be providing the good tilth and proper soil chemistry to grow strong productive plants.  Simple, really.


Evolving US Food Crisis


Continuing to monitor what is happening to our food supply:


Bees:  Colony Collapse Disorder. “"Colony Collapse Disorder" has been reported in 35 states, 5 Canadian provinces, a dozen European countries, China, Taiwan, Guatemala and Brazil. And today I learned from the Apiary Inspectors of America President, Jerry Hayes, who has been in Russia the past three weeks, that Ukraine honey bee keepers have reported massive disappearances through March of this year as well. The Apiary Inspectors estimate that a quarter of American beekeeping operations in the United States lost more than 50% of their colonies between September 2006 and March 2007, and that some beekeepers lost 90%.”  read on


Locally, according to local bee keeper Dave Mitman, CCD does not appear to be happening in Washington State to any large degree.


Drought:  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monday June 17th:  "If we have another dry season like this I would say that it will be catastrophic, it will be a disaster," said the governor.  read on


Food prices:



  • In the past 12 months, the global corn price has doubled.
  • Because corn is the most common animal feed, this affects the price of milk, cheese, eggs, meat, as well as corn-based sweeteners and cereals.
  • In the U.S., milk prices have nearly doubled.
  • Butter prices in Europe have spiked by 40%.
  • Pork prices in China are up 20%.
  • In Mexico there have been riots in response to a 60% rise in the cost of tortillas.
  • In six of the past seven years, global grain consumption has exceeded production. As a result world grain reserves have dwindled to 57 days. This is the lowest level of grain reserves in 34 years.
  • While the UN lists 34 countries as needing food aid, 30% of next year's grain harvest in the U.S. will be converted to ethanol to fuel cars.

"The stage is now set for direct competition for grain between the 800 million people who own automobiles, and the world's 2 billion poorest people."  Lester Brown from the Earth Policy Institute speaking at a briefing to the US Senate one month ago.

The grain required to fill a 25 gallon gas tank with ethanol would feed one person for a year.

An Inconvenient Truth I


Al Gore was in Seattle last month promoting his new book, The Assault on Reason.  In a radio interview on KUOW’s Weekday program, he emphasized that in the early forecasts of the effects of global warming, scientists gave him three predictions:  best case, middle of the road, and worst case scenarios.  That was many years ago.  Now, in all measurable areas, scientists say we are in the worst case situation.  Moreover, artic ice melt is 20% ahead of what was the worst case predictions back then.  Maybe we are in the worst of the worst?  Expect huge environmental changes as a result of rising temperatures and melting ice.



An Inconvenient Truth II


Defined:  man made synthetic chemicals in everyday products and in the environment are ruining your health


In China last week, this truth got very inconvenient for one man.  Whether due to political pressure coming from the American markets due to pet food poisoning or toxic chemicals on child toys, the equivalent to the head of our FDA was summarily executed for prematurely allowing drugs onto the market which killed people :


Zheng, 63, was convicted by a Beijing court of "taking bribes and dereliction of duty" on charges of illegally taking cash and gifts worth more than 6.49 million yuan (850,000 dollars).


Earlier reports said he had accepted about 5 million yuan (651,000 dollars) in bribes from pharmaceutical firms to certify new and only partially tested medicines.

At least 10 people died as a result of the use of improperly tested drugs, state media reported.”  read more


In the US, drugs have been prematurely approved that have killed tens of thousands.  Viox is a perfect example with an estimated 35,000 dying from heart attacks before the FDA moved to take it off of the market.


Moreover, the medical system is politicized – perhaps never before as now.  The same day the above report came out, 3 former Surgeon Generals testified to Congress that they were not allowed to do their job.  Each stated that the executive branch would not allow them to do what they thought would protect the health of the American public.  read more



The Ultimate Detox Solution – Liquid Zeolite from Waiora – Natural Cellular Defense*


Given all of the information in the previous newsletters on toxins in our environment and bodies and their devastating effects on human health, we continue to stock Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defence Liquid Zeolite and Karen Yule’s products to rid yourself of them.


Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defence Liquid Zeolite 15ml bottle can be purchased online here or here for $49.95 plus shipping, handling and tax, or we are carrying it at the farm for $45.-   One bottle lasts one month at a 3 drop 3 times a day maintenance level.  At the recommended 10 drop 3 times a day detox level, it lasts about 1/3 of a month.


The most complete website about Natural Cellular Defense (Liquid Zeolite) is:
Other websites with great info:



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



More facts:


“Showering in chlorinated water causes lung cancer, even more than tobacco.

There is enough fluoride in a single tube to kill a 25 pound child.”

-         Basil Gold website http://www.basilgoldtv.com/didyouknow.html


“It is estimated that one glass of commercial, non-organic milk purchased from a grocery store may contain the residue of up to 100 different antibiotics.  Beyond the hormones that are injected into the animal, many of the meats we eat come from the animals fed with antibiotic-laden feeds.”

-         Health, wealth, and wisdom,  Vol. 1, Issue 3, July 2007




Can organic farming fight climate change? Yes. And we're not just talking about food miles. Research from the Rodale Institute shows that sustainably-farmed soil absorbs 30% more carbon than conventional agriculture, and switching our farmland to organic would cut greenhouse emissions by 10% in the US (20% in Canada and most of the rest of the world). For a concise explanation of how organic farming could be a major tool in the fight against climate change check out the 10 minute online video "SOIL: The Secret Solution to Global Warming," featuring Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser. The website includes an online petition calling on world leaders to switch subsidies from conventional to sustainable farming practices.
Learn more and watch: http://www.quantumshift.tv/v/1181028043/



A new University of Michigan study indicates that organic farming is more productive than chemical and energy intensive industrial agriculture. Researchers noted 293 examples in previous studies that corroborate the fact that organic farming is better than conventional, but pointed out that biased studies funded by chemical producers have clouded the public's understanding of the issue. Corporate agribusiness has spent decades repeating the mantra that chemical intensive agriculture is necessary to feed the world. But according to the new report, "Model estimates indicate that organic methods could produce enough food on a global per capita basis to sustain the current human population, and potentially an even larger population, without increasing the agricultural land base." Ivette Perfecto, a professor at the University of Michigan, said of the study, "My hope is that we can finally put a nail in the coffin of the idea that you can't produce enough food through organic agriculture."
Learn more: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_5996.cfm



The National Academy of Sciences dropped a bombshell on the agri-toxics lobby in June when it published a study indicating that pesticides are actually decreasing crop yields by one-third. Specifically, pesticides are killing important bacteria in the soil that naturally produce a useable form of nitrogen for plants, a necessary fertilizer. As the use of chemical pesticides has increased in the U.S., soil bacteria have been dramatically reduced, thereby creating an insatiable demand for petroleum-based fertilizers. In contrast, organic farming promotes a healthy living soil with increased crop yields.
Learn more: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_5995.cfm



  • 67 million pounds of pesticides are applied to roughly 30 million acres of lawns in the U.S. each year.
  • The #1 most water intensive crop in the United States is lawn grass. The average lawn is doused with 10,000 gallons of water each year (in addition to rainfall).
  • Synthetic fertilizers run off into streets and local waterways, choking aquatic life and polluting our water.
  • The EPA estimates that a mower emits as much pollution in one hour as a car emits in driving 20 miles.
  • Numerous studies have linked common household herbicides and pesticides to asthma, cancer, reduced fertility and neurological harm to fetuses, infants and children.


The Wall Street Journal takes an entertaining look at organic lawns. Watch one of the Journal editors convert her yard to organic. Learn about some of the new lawn weeding tools on the market as well as organic grass fertilizers. Also see a photo slideshow detailing how one homeowner achieved a lush green lawn with various organic techniques. Scroll to the bottom of the Wall Street Journal article to see a step-by-step guide for going pesticide free in your own yard.




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