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The excreta of redworms, known as worm castings, is a rich, all-natural source of organic matter with lots of nutrient- and moisture-holding capacity. They importantly, it adds active microbial life to the also add important plant growth enhancers.

The Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm has completed an extensive search of the scientific literature about worm castings. The research shows the extraordinary value of worm castings compared to many other soil amendments.

The markets for all kinds of organic garden and farm products are growing. The markets for worm castings are strong and improving each year. And because of the high cost of shipping, profitable soil markets can be developed locally with gardeners, nurseries, and farmers.

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Earthworm castings are a source for many special benefits beyond what farmers or gardeners can expect using raw manure or compost. Many experts recommend using castings as a top soil for the most effective application of your soil amendments, because the nutrients in castings are so abundant.

Composting worms thrive in localized pockets of highly enriched, organic materials. They consume a variety of organic waste and excrete "worm castings," which is a nutrient rich, micro-bacterial saturated soil conditioner. Composting worms are tolerant of many different environmental conditions, which makes them extremely adaptable.


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