Why are worm castings more productive than compost?

1. Higher concentrations of microorganisms.
2. More diversity of microorganisms.
3. Enzymes and plant growth regulators only found in worm casting soils.
4. Higher percentage of available nutrients.
5. Greater plant heights leaf area and root depth.
6. Greater germination rates.
7. Faster growth rates.
8. Higher aggregate formation.
9. Better disease control.
10. Higher capacity to hold water.
11. More nutrient availability over time.
12. Larger fruits and vegetables with higher yields.
13. Sweeter tasting fruits and abundantly richer tasting vegetables


What are its unique benefits? The worms do the work for you.

a. TURN: Like tiny plows, they work their way throughout the material.
b. AERATE: They add oxygen for all the beneficial microorganisms.
c. MIX: All kinds of organisms and nutrients throughout the pile adding lots of small aggregates.
d. SCREEN: They eat the bedding materials and the feed, ultimately turning it into a rich soil product.
e. PATHOGEN CONTROL: They ingest and render useless the “bad guys”.
f. FAST: They can eat one-half of their weight per day. 5’ x 8’ Large Scale Flow Through System can process 100lb food scraps per day and 75-80 lbs. of castings per day.

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