We are very happy to be able to offer Worm Tea compost equipment to our customers.

Barefoot Soil Tea Brewer

This system includes:

-Clear and simple brewing and application directions
-Micro-bubble oxygen dispersion system
-Filter and hose
-4 Gallon capacity pail with lid
-Commercial grade air pump

This tea brewer is a simple and cost effective way to make worm teas.

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Worm Tea Bio-Blender — The Worm Tea Bio-Blender is designed to stir and aerate your Worm Tea compost tea so that the maximum amount of air is available to the microbes being grown. It can be used in containers as small as a 5-gallon bucket or as large as a 30-gallon container.

The Bio-Blender is made from two kinds of high quality plastic resins.  The housing is made from fire retardant abs; a very tough resin used to make luggage. The aerating pump is made from acetal; an engineering resin known for its strength, dimensional stability and superior qualities as an under-water bearing material.

The whole assembly is held together with a heavy duty elastic closure ring. All of the parts (except the motor housing) can be easily cleaned and they are dishwasher safe. The Bio-Blender is powered by a very reliable electric motor that uses either standard U.S. or Canadian (117-volt) house current.

Each Bio-Blender comes with a Worm Tea Tea Bag, designed to hold up to 8 cups of compost which will make up to 30 gallons of tea. The bag is made of very fine 100 micron synthetic felt. The bag fits neatly into the stainless steel Worm Tea Bag Holder, which clips to the side of the mixing container and holds the tea bag in a perfect upright position during the brewing process.

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SoilSoup Nutrients
SoilSoup Nutrient Solutions give the soil microbes a complete diet. These nutrients make your aerobic compost tea complete. The solutions are also designed to wake up spore microbes, so the age of your compost is less critical.

SoilSoup Nutrient Solutions come in two "flavors." One is designed to encourage bacterial growth.  The second is designed to encourage fungal growth. Materials common to both products are seabird and bat guano, natural sulfates, carbonates, citric acid and seaweed. SoilSoup Nutrient Solutions are concentrates (128:1)-1 oz. of nutrients makes 1 gallon of tea.

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6.5 Gal System

Complete SoilSoup Compost Tea Systems

The SoilSoup Compost Tea System contains everything you need to begin making your own aerobic compost tea. Systems are available in either 12- or 30-gallon sizes. In addition to the standard Bio-Blender, tea bag and tea bag holder, complete systems come with a sturdy polyethylene mixing tub, complete with spigot for dispensing the tea and a powder coated steel stand to support the tub. They also include two gallons of nutrient solution plus enough high-grade earthworm compost to make many batches.




25 Gal System


Introducing the new, fully-contained, covered 25 Gallon SoilSoup Brewing System

With your complete system you will receive:
• SoilSoup BioBlender
• Twenty-five gallon tub with built-in holders for the tea bag and the BioBlender
• One plexiglass lid
• Two vent stacks
• One Compost Tea Bag
• One spigot
• Four legs with attachment bolts
• SoilSoup Nutrient Solution - One Gallon
• SoilSoup Worm Compost - Ten Pounds

Free bag of Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings with the purchase of either SoilSoup Complete System.

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