Health & Fitness

Step 1

• Set a goal to transition from daily consumption conventionally farmed fruits, vegetables and dairy products to organically grown food products.

• Locate stores in your neighborhood that sell certified organically grown foods, including meats and dairy products where animals are fed all natural grain products.

• Take the time to speak with the store manager to inquire about the origin of their organically grown food products. You’ll find virtually all store managers are willing to answer any questions you may have about the quality and origin of their organic food products.

• Read labels and eliminate foods which contain nitrates, partially hydrogenated oils, excessive fats and harmful additives such as MSG (monosodium glutamate).

• Look for foods that use natural preservatives and meat products which are free from synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics.


• Contact your local home improvement store and ask them if they have equipment to test your tap water. Should they not have it, ask them to refer you to a resource that does.

• Test your tap water for chlorine levels, bacteria and other contaminants (PCBs, THMs and heavy metals). Did you know that virtually all municipal/public drinking water supplies are tested as safe? However, most use different guidelines for testing their water.

• Assume nothing! Once water leaves a water purification plant, it still has to travel to your home. Along the way, it can be exposed to other contaminants. Test your own tap water to obtain objective information on the quality of the water.

• If possible, avoid drinking tap water. Should you have to resort to tap water, use a filtration system to rid the water from harmful contaminants. You may have heard the slogan, "buy a filter or be a filter”. As simplistic as this sounds, it’s true.

• Consume up to 8 glasses of water per day. Consume a glass of water before and after each meal to aid in digestion.


• Consult with your doctor to consider a basic physical fitness program that you can integrate into your daily activities. With your doctor’s approval, plan to phase in a daily regimen of basic exercise activities.

• Learn the significant benefits of a disciplined physical fitness program and the risk of unfitness. You’ll not only start feeling better; you’ll start to see the results of your efforts in just a few weeks.

• Don’t try to do too much to soon. Give your body a chance adjust to the new demands you place on it and know that over time, your body will adapt to these changes. Patience is essential.

• Plan on discovering how much easier your exercise routine becomes over time. The hardest thing to do is simply getting started. As with any other activity, it ultimately becomes easier with time. Exercise is no exception. The rewards are well worth the effort.


• Allow your body to rest daily. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, yet we easily forget about the importance of daily rest and how impacts the body’s physiology.

• Train your body to relax even while you conduct activities throughout the day. As simple as this may sound, far too many people don’t take time to relax their body during waking hours. They assume rest only occurs while they’re sleeping.

• Give yourself adequate time sleep at least six to eight hours a day. It’s been proven that humans need at least six hours of sleep
for their bodies to recover from daily activities.

All too often, individuals try regimens that include just a few of the steps listed above. They wonder why nothing appears to change in their overall health.

When you follow this simple, yet highly integrated approach to rid your body of toxins, replace it with organically grown foods and consistently follow through with the aforementioned steps, the results can be amazing.

Take the time to follow these simple steps. Your body will reward itself with increased energy and vitality. Not only will you feel better; you’ll look better and know you’ve made the right choice by following this simple process to improve your health and fitness.

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