Large Scale Vermicomposting Systems
The Worm Wigwam 5-6

This is the new, large-scale version of the premier continuous-flow worm bin for use by cafeterias, restaurants, and other institutions. With approximately 30 square feet of surface area and insulated walls, it is designed to handle at least 75 pounds of food and bedding every day. Completely covered and verminproof. The mechanical harvesting system makes collecting worm castings very efficient.

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wig56side.jpgManufacturer specifications:
Daily Capacity: 75-150 pounds of organic waste
Daily Output: 50-105 pounds worm castings
Annual Production: 13.7 tons to 27.30 tons
Dimensions: 5 feet wide, 6 feet long, 4 feet tall
Work space requirement: approx. 10 feet by 10 feet
Insulated worm bed, R14 rated
Cover: Waterproof and easy access vented cover
Finish: Bed grate; galvanized & powder-coated. Frame; powder-coated
Power requirements: 110 volt AC
Ventilation: Forced air, thermostatically controlled
Casting Collection Area: Powder coated and sealed with drain plug. Dual access clean out doors. Fully Ventilated

Continuous-Flow Vermicomposting Systems

Yelm Earthworm and Castings Farm can help schools, institutions and commercial businesses develop large-scale vermicomposting operations using state-of-the-art continuous-flow vermicomposting systems.



  • Each module is made from 2-inch tubular steel, which supports a grate system capable of holding 2 tons of material.
  • The grate is constructed of heavy welded wire and galvanized.
  • Power requirements: 110-volt single phase with a GFI circuit.
  • The clean out mechanism uses 2 each 110V. Electric winches.
  • Worm population: 100lb per 8 ft increment. Startup should be no less than 50 lb. per 8 ft increment.
  • All components are powder coated for a long lasting finish.
  • Optional lids and ventilation systems are available.

Benefits and Features:

  • Flow through design- Organic waste in on the top and finished Vermicompost out the bottom provide 95% worm
  • free. 90% of the worm population will be found in the top 4 inches of the worm bed. Harvesting begins 6-8 weeks after setup.
  • Year around use, 365 days a year.
  • Highly aerobic conditions are easily maintained
  • No loss of nutrients due to seepage into the ground.
  • No need to turn materials
  • After initial inoculation no further worm population will be needed. The population will propagate and maintain ample populations to process the organic feedstock.
  • Minimal daily maintenance required (1 hour per day max.)
To determine the correct size of machine an accurate survey of daily waste to be processed will be required.
The machine will need to be indoors in a heated environment for winter use. Minimum temperature should be no less than 50 F. No direct sun. Optimal temperatures 70-80 F.
Concrete or asphalt floor is required.
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