Links & Resources

It's been said that the natural world is like a web where all the strands are interconnected and where action in one area can Our experience has been that vermicomposting has connections a great many other activities. Here are some of our favorite links in the world wide web.

Seattle Tilth: Organic gardening and farming in the Northwest’s premier city. The Seattle Tilth Association promotes the art of organic gardening in an urban setting and constantly draws connections to organic farming throughout the Northwest. Their website offers lots of free information plus listings of organic gardening related events and activities in the Seattle area. Tilth is also the publisher of the indispensable Maritime Northwest Garden Guide. Get your copy today.

Zerowaste: getting to zerowaste - the economics of recycling markets. Visit Sound Resource Management's website at for downloadable research reports and The Monthly UnEconomist newsletter, covering current research on the environmental benefits and everyday economics of recycling. Also downloadable recycling market price history (five to ten years, updated at least bimonthly) and forecast charts and tables for mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass, aluminum cans, steel cans, PET bottles and HDPE bottles for the Northwest and Northeast, as well as comparisons of historical prices for recycled versus virgin materials. Low subscription fee of $19.50 gives you password access for 12 months to this important and regularly updated information on recycling.

Organic Gardening is one of the most in-depth, reliable resources for information and advice about organic gardening and landscaping. Visit this site when you want to learn from the best. We also love them for their long-standing, honest support for composting in all of its many forms. 

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