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This ‘Worm Factory’ is a unique version of the extraordinarily popular self-sorting, upward migration worm bin system. It will accommodate a household, small office or classroom. Made in the USA (WA) from mostly recycled plastic, it includes all of the following:

The Worm Factory

  • detailed illustrated instruction booklet with the latest worm culture techniques
  • 3 times the feeding surface than the space it occupies
  • supports up to 15 lbs. of worms (about 7 lbs. of kitchen scraps daily)
  • worm composting volume of 1.5 cubic feet
  • 3 stacking (16" x 16") trays to contain earthworms and composting materials
  • moisture (Leachate) collection tray with spigot
  • starter bedding of coconut husk fiber and shredded paper
  • constructed of durable recycled black plastic
  • flat lid with handle
  • removable stand
  • additional trays available
  • easy to move

    The recommended start-up worm population is 2 lbs of worms.

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