“My most amazing experience with the Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings products was with my apple tree.  I had been away for almost a year and it was basically at death’s door.  It was root bound with some kind of fungus on it.  The leaves were all falling off and the remaining leaves were covered with black spots.  I did not think there was any chance it could survive. 

     A friend had told me about the “worm tea” made from your castings product.  I thought I had to at least try because I loved this tree so much, and I was not going to give up on it.  After applying the “worm tea” it was unbelievable how the tree literally came back to life.  It actually bloomed that summer and produced one apple.  We never picked that apple just as a reminder of what a miracle it truly was.  Thank you, Yelm Earth, for saving my favorite apple tree!”

Sandy Lestenkof, Yelm, WA


“Hello, Yelm Worms,

     I would like to share an experiment from my garden last year.  I planted tomatoes in two locations in my garden.  In one bed, I used your Earthworm Castings, and in another I did not.  The difference in the tomatoes was phenomenal.  The tomatoes that were planted with the Earthworm Castings were earlier, sweeter, more productive, and suffered from no diseases.  On the other hand, the tomatoes planted without the castings were very late, bland in flavor, minimally productive, and suffered from black spot and cracking.

     I would like to THANK YOU for providing an essential component in organic gardening.  My tomatoes thrived with a simple addition of your castings.  I highly recommend your soil to any gardeners I come in contact with.  Thanks again.”

 Tara Nuccio, Olympia, WA


“Hi, Yelm Earthworm and Castings Farm,

     I just want to let you know that I love your earthworm castings!  I plan to use them more and more in my business and at home.   I have seen their immediate effect on plants, especially ones that are struggling and in need of help.   Thank you! “

Linda Liss, Handy Help Unlimited, Rainier, WA


     “Thought you should know.  Several months ago I went to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego.  Wheat grass juice was a part of their program to assist people in improving their health.  I came home committed to growing wheat grass.  I have been growing it in Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings, and my wheat grass is even taller and greener than what I saw at the institute, and theirs was in a green house.  All of my family and some of my office staff are drinking wheat grass juice now!  Thank you for your wonderful product.

Bo Foster, Realtor, Rainier, WA


     “Worm castings have changed my cooking.  Feed them [worms] the scraps and their addition to my gardening has revamped my plantings.  The best way to improve vegetable production.”

Salley Griemes, Carnation, WA