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Healing the earth By Sue Edwards, For The Sun
Editing and citing text by: Tanya Vece

This new company makes a nutritional composting soup that also feeds the human soul.

Good old homemade soup - one of the best forms of nutrition you can use to feed the human body and soul.

But there is a new kind of "soup" on the market that's as good for plants, trees, vegetables and fruit as conventional soup is for humans. It's also called aerobic compost "tea."

The compost tea offering a revolutionary new product to combat such diseases as tomato blight, squash and grape mildews, and black spot of roses. It also provides growth enhancement.

"This is like the Microsoft of gardening and farming technology. Imagine being able to create a beautiful lawn and disease-free fruit, vegetables and shrubbery cheaply with an environmentally friendly product," said Art Biggert, an organic farmer.

The concept is actually very primitive - the compost ingredients are increased substantially by the nutrient addition and blending process. The final microbial product interacts with vegetation to feed it and prevent diseases in a natural, organic rather than a chemical manner.

"It's been a real boon to organic food farmers who must abide by strict guidelines," said Brian McWhorter, who owns Butler Green Organics.

Published in The Sun: 02/11/2000

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