Analysis on Seasonal Influences

Influence of season on the performance of an Adsali and its Ratoon crop of Sugarcane receiving Vermicompost and chemical fertilizers in different combinations.

Institute of Natural Organic Agriculture, Prune and Ugar Sugar works Limited Ugarkurd- in collaboration with each other, Jointly Conducted Vermicompost trials at R and D farm, of U.S.W. Ltd and also at Ainapur on a cultivators field from 1996 onwards. So far three crops of Adsali (CV CoC 671) and two crops of Ratoon and one crop preseasonal cane have been harvested and the third crop of Adsali and the second crop of Ratoon standing in the field which when harvested in December 1999 or January 2000 A.D. In view of variation in the fertility status of the soil at the two locations and also change in the nature of season, 1996-97 and 1997-98 (Rainfall and Minimum temperature), the sugarcane crop behaved differently. However, the overall trend noted is useful and beneficial in stressing the dire need for using vermicompost in improving the crop yield and crop quality. A consolidated picture of efforts made by INORA and U.S.W. LTD. and the outcome of these efforts in all six trials is presented in this paper.

A replicated field trial on Adsali crop of Sugarcane (CV CoC-671) was conducted on and D farm of Ugar Sugar works Ltd. Ugarkhurd as well as on a cultivators field (Shri Mohanrao Mutalik) at Ainapur. The first Adsali crop had six treatments as follows :
  1. Control- No fertilizer. No manure.
  2. Recommended dose of chemical fertilizers-namely, N, P and k. 400 kg N, 170 kg P2O5, 170 kg K2O per hectare.
  3. Vermicompost alone- 5 tonnes/ha.
  4. 3/4th dose of V.C. plus 1/4th of recommended dose of chemical fertilizers.
  5. 1/2th dose of V.C. plus 1/2th dose of chemical fertilizer.
  6. 1/4th dose of V.C. plus 3/4th dose of chemical fertilizers. nitrogen, phosphate and potash were added in the form of urea. Single Super phosphate and muriate of potash respectively. for 2nd Adsali crop, two more treatments were added. namely
  7. Full dose of V.C. plus recommended dose of N.P & K fertilizers.
  8. Vermicompost applied at 10 MT/ha. for first Adsali crop, there were four replications and three for the second Adsali crop. Plot size was one guntha (one R) for each treatment, spacing between two rows was 3 feet.

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