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Don't miss these entertaining and educational videotapes.  " The Complete Home Composting Video Guide" with ecological horticulturist Howard Stenn. This is the best all-around, how-to video about composting in your own backyard. Covers all aspects of small-scale composting, including yard debris composting, compost bin systems, worm composting, hot composting, pest control, compost tools, and compost uses. 30 min.

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" Worm Bin Creatures Alive through a Microscope," by Warren Hatch—This captivating video zeroes in on the tiny organisms often seen but rarely identified in a worm bin. Under Warren's microscope, well-lit colorful, and in focus, busy little creatures such as springtails and mites amuse and entertain as they busily go about in search of food or shelter. Concise, interesting, and informative narration makes this video not only fun to watch, but another excellent teaching tool for all ages. 31 min.

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"Large-Scale Vermicomposting: American Resource Recovery" by VermiCo Video—See how 50 lbs. of earthworms steadily multiplied over four years to become 70 acres of earthworms that now convert cardboard paper into sludge to worm castings! This is undoubtedly the largest vermicomposting facility in North America. Mario Travalini takes you through his operation, showing how feedstocks are spread outdoors, earthworms are harvested and castings are screened in this model facility.

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  • Learn how over 300 tons of paper waste arrive daily at this operation
  • See how hundreds of pounds of earthworms are harvested daily for resale
  • Observe the shaker deck screening operation that processes tons of castings

"The Continuous Flow Reactor" by VermiCo Video—Vermicomposting uses earthworms to transform organic residuals into a usable soil amendment: Worm castings. Changing weather conditions means outdoor row systems are limited to certain geographic areas. Now, an indoor, mechanized system using earthworms to process waste shows why this technology is faster, produces fewer odors and yields a better product than traditional composting methodologies. Running time is 37 minutes.

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  • Discover where these systems have been used successfully
  • Learn from site manager Curt Hawley the day-to-day operation
  • Dr. Scott Subler presents the benefits of castings and the market opportunities.

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