Vermicomposting Videos

“New Horizons in Vermicomposting” workshop video series. A four part series of professional-quality videocassette tapes recorded on March 6, 1999, in Stockton, CA

Session 1
Large Scale
Vermicomposting - contains presentations by Peter Bogdanov and Al Eggen; includes descriptions of many worm farms, their methods, and special equipment choices. (60 min. tape).

Session 2
Small and Mid-Scale Vermicomposting -
contains presentations by Kelly Slocum and Zorba Frankel with an emphasis on the biology of earthworms and 
trouble-shooting common problems. (60 min. tape).

Session 3
Vermiculture California Style -
contains four presentations delivered by Robert Warkentin (with Charmaine Harris and Carolyn Foxe), Karin Grobe, Dan Cardoza, and Jeff Watson. These presenters speak from personal experience about their businesses. Includes a presentation about regulations affecting vermicomposting. (120 min. tape).

Session 4
To Market, To Market -
contains presentations by Jim Jensen and Mario Travalini; focuses on the variety of business opportunities and the potential for success. Based on the personal experience of these vermi-businessmen. (60 min. tape).

(Please search the web or visit you local merchant to purchase any or all of the above videos.)


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