Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm exhibit at the Washington Organic Recycling Council 2003 Annual Meeting on Food Waste Composting .
As many of you know, Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm staff members attended the Food Waste Composting Conference, held Dec. 11, 2003. The conference was organized by the Washington Organic Recycling Council (WORC). Since 1991, WORC has been very active in promoting and educating both the private and pubic sector in organics recycling.

Many attendees commented on the diversity of professionals from both private business and government agencies who attended the event. There were numerous industry professionals eager communicate information on what can be done to help resolve the major solid waste problems our planet is currently facing.

Featured speaker, Jack Macy, delivered a compelling message to attendees on the requirements to define and implement a successful Food Waste Recycling Program in their local communities. His valuable insight stemmed from years of experience with San Francisco’s commercial and residential food composting collection program.

Jack explained key drivers to process management, citing examples of food waste separation, initiated in the San Francisco area, in their curbside pickup program, to vermicomposting food waste in private organizations.

He also explained what can be done to control costs, and what both private businesses and local government can do to benefit from implementing a well managed Waste Recycling Program.

Karin Grobe educated attendees on how she’s been effective in defining, implementing and managing recycling programs in communities throughout the western US.

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