Worm Compost Supplies

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Having the right supplies, tools and know-how can makes vermicomposting a fun, environmentally sound, and educational hobby for the whole family.

Coir Bricks and Bales
Have you been looking for a great worm bedding or potting soil amendment, coir offers many benefits.
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  • Durable-Lasts 3 times longer than peat moss, up to 8 years
  • Compact-compressed into bales or bricks for convenient shipping
  • Environmental-Renewable resource made from recycled coconut husks
  • Uniform-Completely homogenous material free of seeds, weeds, and other particles
  • Disease resistance-Resists bacterial, mold, fungal growth; ensures good drainage in potting mixes, preventing root rot while encouraging strong and early root growth
  • Moisture retention-Can hold up to 8-9 times its weight in water
  • Excellent aeration-Has superior oxygenation due to high air-filled porosity and pore space
  • Nutrient storage-High cation exchange capacity; holds and releases nutrients over extended periods
  • Desirable pH-Within range of horticultural applications (5.7-6.2)
  • Reusable-Completely biodegradable; used as a mulch or soil conditioner, it retains its structure and water-holding capacity over time
  • Rewettable-easily rewettable without use of chemical wetting agents

Worm bin conditioner
A balanced mix of organic soil amendments and natural rock minerals designed to sweeten worm bin bedding and enhance the availability of the natural redworm food supplies in the bin.

Electronic Ph Tester
For the cost of a few rolls of pH litmus paper, you can now have the industry's latest electronic pH tester. Our Ph Meter supplies you with fast and accurate readings on a large LCD. Includes 4 oz bottle of our calibration solution.

• Large and easy-to-read LCD
• High accuracy with 0.01 pH resolution
• Two point fast and accurate calibration
• Usable with virtually any pH electrode
• Battery life: 3000 hours of continuous use
• Wide range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH
• Replaceable pH electrode
• Comes with 4 oz Calibration Solution.
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Your most important tool for Commercial Vermiculture-
Our Industrial Quality Compost Thermometer is 24 inches long, with a heavy duty 5/16" hardened steel shaft and is specifically designed to monitor the temperatures of windrows, bins, and static compost piles. The clear, easy to read, 3" unbreakable plastic crystal dial gives an accurate reading every time. The 24" thermometers come with a detachable PVC sheath to protect the probe during storage.

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