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Jet Aluminum Worm Harvesters

When you are SERIOUS about making money raising worms, you HAVE to have a Worm Harvester

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Our original models were built from steel and painted.  They were strong, but very heavy. Now all of our harvesters are constructed entirely of aluminum, for much less weight, as well as no corrosion problems. The only major parts not aluminum are the bearings, castors, and screen.  The center shaft is 3- 1/2 inch aluminum pipe, with a 1 inch solid aluminum drive axle. All bearings are either ball or roller, and have grease fittings for easy maintenance and long life. Every harvester comes with a water resistant switch, and grounded three prong cord. All models can be made to vibrate automatically, for processing wetter materials. All Jet Harvesters feature a counterbalanced design to make it easy to transport or move. Jet builds more Harvesters than anyone else, we build more different models than anyone else, we build them better than anyone else, and we sell them for the least amount of money. When you are ready to buy your Worm Harvester, compare us to the competition, and you will buy a Jet Worm Harvester.

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