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24 Inch Diameter Worm Harvesters

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The single screen 2410 model is perfect for the Worm Farmer with only a few beds. The light weight and small size will fit almost anywhere.


The 2414 model uses a 4 foot wide screen, and has 1/3 more screen area as a 2410.



The 2420 model will do twice as much as a 2410, and with twin screens you can screen two sizes at the same time.



The 2430 model is for Worm Farmers that sell bait, and need to separate out their castings, but also need large worms. Fitted with our 3 different size screens, you get the best of all worlds.


All models fit in a short bed pickup, with the tool box still in. Removing the trucks tool box allows the tail gate to be shut.

The Jet 2400 Series Worm Harvesters are a large 24 Inch Diameter, to give you more screening area than the competitions 18 Inch Diameter. They all feature full Aluminum construction, with a weather resistant toggle switch, and heavy duty 3 prong (grounded) cord.

The continuous duty gear motor is covered to keep dirt out, and mounts underneath the input cone to shield it from the weather and being hit by anything. Power is transmitted with an aluminum and rubber drive roller, to give long life with little maintenance.

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