Worm Harvesters

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Unique Features on all Jet Worm Harvesters

Reverse Cone on Input End
The reverse cone on the front of the machine keeps the input material from falling back out, as it will with any other worm harvester. As it rotates, the increased angle makes the material fall forward onto the screen, with NONE falling back out. This also speeds the throughput time, which is how long your worms are being tossed around.The faster they get out after they get in, the less strain they will have. Within one revolution of the harvester, the input material is on the beginning of the screens. This feature makes your Jet Harvester shorter and easier to maneuver than with other harvesters, and sets it apart from the competition.


Unobstructed Input
Our input, or front end, of the Harvester rides on roller bearing castors.This allows the full space of input cone, without having any frame, bearing supports, or shafts to get in the way when loading. Loading of Harvester can be easily done with pitch fork, conveyer, or chute. Round Spokes for the Hoops


We use 1/2 inch solid round aluminum for the spokes, so that when worms hit them, they are not subject to being cut as with the sheet metal type spokes seen on other machines.



Quick and Easy Screen Changes
The screens themselves are attached with stainless steel hose clamp type straps that let you replace a screen with only a screwdriver in minutes.The strap is loosened, slid to the side and that side of the screen is off.



A Worm Diverter that Works
Our Diverter spreads your worms and balled up compost far enough apart to be able to use five gallon buckets and not lose any to the ground. When you are separating out worms for sale, the less extraneous material with them the better . The steep angle of the output cone naturally separates worms, which stick to the cone slightly, from the other bedding material. This material will form into "balls" from the rolling action of the harvester and roll down the steep cone ahead of the worms.The diverter is adjustable from side to side for different materials. It is set in position so as to separate these two different streams into two separate containers. Your castings have already been separated by the screen of the Harvester at this point.

Quick and Easy Height Adjustment

All four legs have telescoping height adjusters that work with a T-bolt, so no tools are needed to change the slope, or for operating on uneven ground.The bottom of the legs have a 3 inch round aluminum pad so they will not sink into the ground. The two wheels can be installed in any of the legs, and together with the fixed legs give 18 inches of height adjustment at both ends.

10" Pneumatic Wheels, with ball bearing hubs



Weather resistant On/Off switch

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