Worm Harvesters

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Unique Features on all Jet Worm HarvestersFront

Handles for moving the Harvester and protecting the front cone.



Optional Sides

Sides can be added to divert all of the screened material to your underneath bins, or a conveyer. They are made of thick 16 gauge aluminum to last a lifetime. Shown on the left is a 2410, in the center with a 3620, and on the right with a 2420.

Optional Loading Chute
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Our new loading chute can make it easy to load your new Jet Harvester. The all aluminum chute slips over the handles, to make a quick, sturdy, and tool-free installation. Every single bit of what you load into the chute goes into the Harvester, and because of Jets' unique front cone, none of it comes back out. Safety is enhanced, effort by the operator is reduced, and speed of production is increased with the new Jet Loading Chute. Optional Loading Conveyer and Hopper

If you have a lot of screening to do, you need a loading conveyer equipped with a hopper. This lets you take a wheelbarrow full of material and flip it up on the hopper where you can let go of it. The material will fall through the hole in the hopper onto the conveyer, and be taken to the Harvester. All you have to do is to move the material in the hopper to the hole. A six cubic foot wheelbarrow can be emptied in less than five minutes in the 3620 Harvester. You will never know how easy it can be to harvest worms until you try one of these. Wheelbarrow and ramp not included.

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