Whether by the box or truckload, we want to make vermicomposting affordable to individuals and organizations everywhere.

We grow redworms under cover, using good quality, consistent feeds and pure well water. We are happy to answer your questions about growing and keeping redworms. Plus, books and other supplies are available to enhance your knowledge and experience in vermiculture.

USPS Priority Mail(1-2 days)
1-lb. Box = $24.95 (+ s+h)

Our reputation for quality and service.

The Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm offers highly reliable shipping services for composting redworms. Our packaging system is based on long experience and balances the needs of the redworms with the requirements of modern delivery services. We package our redworms in tough, double-wall, recyclable boxes, using breathable liners. We ship our redworms in moist all organic bedding, not peat moss (a scarce resource). The worm bedding reduces stress and inoculates the new worm bin or pile with millions of beneficial organisms.

  • We schedule shipments once a week to assure fast, safe delivery.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be shipped.
  • We will choose a shipping service to get the redworms to you safely.
  • Shipping for in the continental U.S. and Alaska is usually by USPS priority service (usually 1-2 days). Some nearby shipments may be done using UPS ground service.
  • Express delivery is available for customers for a modest additional cost.
  • Hot summer or cold winter temperature extremes may force delay of shipping to your area. Feel free to call or email us regarding the status of your shipment.
  • We guarantee live delivery of our redworms.
How to be prepared for the arrival of your order.
  • If you expect high temperatures in your area and won't be home during the day, please alert your delivery person and provide a shaded or cool place where the package can be placed.
  • If you expect very cold temperatures, provide a sheltered spot or a large cardboard box where the delivery person can place the package.
Need a LARGE population of redworms?

We specialize in bulk, airport-to-airport shipping.

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Learn more about large-scale vermicomposting operations

Learn more about large-scale vermcomposting systems that you can use for a cost-effective, profitable project.

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